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Business Strategy &

Operations Management

“Staci is a true professional and an operations master!”

Lori Hastings | Business Coach

When does it get easy, you ask.

What am I doing wrong, you wonder.

Here’s what I think…

You haven’t stepped into your POWER yet.

You're frazzled + lack focus

You’re a visionary with many ideas, get bored easily with the mundane rhythm of daily business tasks, and lack patience with projects that drag on too long, so… you start new ones, leaving your team frustrated and their work to collect dust. Your vision? Sabotaged. 💔

You do more than you delegate

You’re the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and the firefighter (when sh*t hits the fan) because you don’t trust your team to do anything your way. Or…you have the wrong team members in place, so they can’t do it. Or…you think it’s easier to do it yourself. Your time for money ROI? 💩💩💩

You’re not meeting your income goal

‘nuff said.💲

Your backend is broken

Your business looks bangin’ on social, but behind the scenes, it’s busted, held together with duct tape, and lacks that elusive ease everyone’s talking about. You dream of team accountability and task consistency, repeatable processes that work without you, and having a bit more fun, too! Your stress levels? High. 😤

You are meeting your income goal

Your P+L statement and next quarter projections look great, except…you missed your kid’s homerun hit because you were on your phone. You ordered pizza (again), you’re exhausted, and your idea of date night is a G-rated slumber party. Work/life balance? You got none. 😴

Enough of these time sucks!

When you work with me, we do what works.

Now, let’s get down to business

and figure this out together.

The Powerful as F*CK

Strategic Business Plan

For the business owner who has 567 competing priorities, a bit (or a lot) of overwhelm, and a to-do list that looks like a CVS receipt, you’ll get a strategic plan that caters to your strengths and aligns 1000% with your business goals. In other words, we’re gonna make sure it’s powerful (and profitable) AF.

The badass Director of Ops

Monthly Retainer

For the discerning CEO who needs everything from project/launch management, team leadership, strategic oversight, and chaos-busting ClickUp workflows, you’ll also get a high-octane operations mastermind, a problem-solving second-in-command, and a best friend in business who will free up your time so you can “CEO like you mean it”.

I can talk about helping you with business strategy and operations management all day long. But you shouldn’t just take my word for it…

What Clients Say

Jen Zils

Kids Eat Vegetables

Staci’s strength is time management! She is great at developing and documenting project timelines and deliverables. This really helped keep me on task and drive projects forward.

By working with Staci, I was able to develop a clear sales path to turn leads into customers. She helped me develop a well-written sales funnel including opt-in, email sequence, and a five-day challenge program that drove people from my email list to my paid program!

Because of Staci, I have gained clarity about my program offerings. She has an amazing ability to look at the program you want to build and form a clear action plan to help you write and achieve your goals. Working with Staci has helped my voice be heard and built my confidence in my products.”

Kate Doyle Hooper

Event Producer

Staci fully understands my particular situation, and knows how to identify and execute solutions that will best fit the needs of my business.

Staci is smart and resourceful, and adept at recognizing what needs to be done, completing all work beautifully and on time, without needing hand-holding. However, she knows when to ask questions, get clarification or direction when needed, without slowing a project down.

Honesty, integrity and intelligence guide every aspect of who she is and what she does. Whenever an especially complex project comes up, she is the first person I call.”

Ready to step into your CEO power?