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Get Your Sh*t Together

“I have a clear, strategic plan for my business for the next 6 months all organized in ClickUp that tells me and my team exactly what to do, when to do it, and who’s going to do it.”

Val Hemminger | Be The Best Divorce Lawyer

Those sticky notes and butcher block paper taped to your wall

are great for brainstorming, not strategic business planning.

You’re a visionary with lots of ideas, the best ones coming to you on your morning walk. 🚶🏽‍♀️ You can write course outlines in your sleep, 🛌🏽 and feel giddy at the start of a new project 😃 (because you know your audience wants this new, amazing thing, and you’re obviously going to make bank). You can’t believe you didn’t think of this before. 💡

You feel that rush of excitement and a burst of energy. 💥 Your adrenaline levels are high, and you’re in the entrepreneurial zone. Hell, you might as well turn on some James Brown because Whoa! You feel good.

Not to put a damper on your dance 💃🏽 party, 

Your passion (and those visionary talents that make you damn good at what you do) may also be sabotaging your vision. 💔 Say what? …


You’re an idea-generating machine. And nine times outta 10 you’re smart enough to know a good idea from a bad one. However, your excitement for innovation and “the next best thing” leave little room for considering the negative impact your new idea may have on team capacity, resources, and profitability.


You’re a big picture thinker. You have a clear-ish vision for success and are confident that you’ll reach your goals. But, you also get bored easily, don’t have a project plan for anything (because you don’t do details), and have 567 unfinished projects that have cost you time and money but haven’t earned you a dime.


You’re a charismatic leader. Your team likes you, and your infectious enthusiasm keeps everyone motivated. At the same time, your team struggles to keep up with you, your new ideas, or where the business is headed. This “organizational whiplash” results in a lack of consistency among team members, more mistakes being made by everyone, and your day-to-day operations feeling chaotic.


You’re hyper-focused on product creation (and refining your offer). And why wouldn’t you be? Coaching and course creation are the really fun and exciting stuff that got you into business in the first place. That means other areas of your business aren’t getting the time and attention they deserve, which isn’t great if you have your eye on long-term sustainability. Plus, adding a new offer to your service suite may not be the best path to profitability in the short-term either.

Sound (a bit) too familiar? If so…you need a strategic plan

One that’s so powerful it takes the guesswork out of how to reach your goals, helps you show up confidently in your business every day, and tells you exactly what you need to do to move your business forward, all without stifling your creativity.

Here’s How This Works…



You’ll resist, but I’ll insist. Why? Because defining (or refining) your mission, vision, and values are essential for approaching your work with intention, building a real business…and reminding yourself why in the actual fuck you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur when what you really want to do is burn the whole damn thing down some days.

Believe me. This is powerful stuff – some clients have cried (tears of joy 🥲)  from the clarity they got around themselves and their businesses from this step alone.


During this phase, I’ll help you (re)write a diversity, equality, and inclusion statement that’s unique to your business and showcases your beliefs. This is more than a marketing exercise that goes beyond trendy buzzwords and black boxes on Instagram. Your DEI statement shows the worlds what you stand for and will help guide your hiring, client acquisition, and company culture as you grow.

P.S. This step is not optional, and if you think it should be, then we’re not a good fit to work together.

STEP 03 | Get Clear

Here, we’ll deep dive into nine (9) areas of your business like you’ve never done before. How’s that, you ask? We’ll treat each area as a member of your board and “talk to them” about their role in supporting your mission and helping you achieve your revenue goals. 

You’ll get honest with yourself about what board members you’re spending the most time with (and if it’s worth it), what foundational elements you may have skipped over, and who you’re ignoring – intentionally or not –  that may be costing you time and money. 

In other words, we’ll look at what you got goin’ on that works, what’s missing from your arsenal, and what you actually need to do business better

As a result, you’ll feel more free, less overwhelmed, and downright joyous after you get all of your project ideas out of your head and organized clearly into the area of business in which they belong.

P.S. I know that you know who your “board of directors” are, but for those in the back let me list them out here quickly: money + finance, legal, operational efficiencies, client experience, marketing, services + sales, company culture, professional development, and team + human capital.


The good news is that each “board member” cares about the success of your business. The bad news is that they’re all vying for your time and competing for your time attention.

That’s why business feels hard sometimes. It’s why you feel overwhelmed and have decision fatigue. Why FOMO exists and analysis paralysis is real. And why it’s easy to ditch one project for another when you don’t see instant results and then wonder why things fall through the cracks so often. 

Here, we’ll get over that “business feels hard” feeling by prioritizing what board members (and their amazing ideas) you’ll give attention to now and which ones will have to wait. Because you can have it all, just not at the same time.

As a result, you’ll feel relieved by the idea of slowing down (to speed up), focused on the projects that will help achieve your goals, and free from the obligations that don’t serve you now – or ever.

STEP 05 | Plan for Profit

Hold on to your Starbucks because this is where things get good, real good. Here, we’ll design a sexy AF, totally comprehensive business plan that tells you (and your team) what to do, when to do it, why it’s important, and whose job it is to make it happen during the next quarter or two.

You’ll also be able to ditch the impractical, coffee-stained, to-do list with an ever-growing number of “urgent” tasks that only you (not your team) can see – because it’s time to say adios to your business baby blanket and put on your big-girl pants.


It’s time to show the world what you’re made of by taking your plan and implementing the sh*t outta your strategy. The power to confidently lead your team and grow your business is in your hands now so take what you’ve learned, get in the zone, and get busy getting paid.

You know your business better than anyone, and it’s not my job to tell you that you need strategic business planning. That’s for you to decide…

This is perfect for you if you…

Want to limit failures while taking more risks, breaking some rules, and changing lives.

Welcome candid advice, are open to feedback on your business, and value the opinions of your team.

You’re done feeling unbalanced, out of control, pulled in 100 different directions, and like you’re “all over the place” most days.

Are guilty of starting profitable projects but never finishing them because something better always comes along.

Want to empower your team to take more ownership of their work and feel proud of the positive impact it has on your business.

Are ready to step into your power as the CEO of your business, save time (and sanity), and make more money.

This is not for you if you…

Are stuck in your ways, not an action taker, and don’t believe that your work makes a difference.

Are too busy to do homework in between calls or consult with your team at specific times during this process.

Are skeptical that strategic business planning will work for you without squashing your freedom and creativity.

Are happy throwing spaghetti, linguine, and fettuccine at the wall to see if it sticks and then ordering Mexican on a whim when it doesn’t.

Think that micro-managing your team is just one of the necessary evils of being the boss.

Are happy playing small, are known to make a lot of excuses, and don’t believe you truly deserve to have the success and lifestyle you dream of.

Did I mention what’s included?

One (1) Leadership + Profit Planning workbook (full of resources!)

One (1) week of post-planning support via chat and video to help you put your strategic plan into action immediately #accountability

Four (4) 90-minute strategic business planning Zoom calls, recorded

One (1) 30-minute wrap-up call to tie up loose ends and help set you up for success moving forward

A full 3-6 month strategic plan + high-level overview of the upcoming year

RED HOT BONUS: Get my “Boundaries Don’t Make You a B*tch, They Make You a Boss” interactive workbook and daily planner F-R-E-E!

PLUS: Newly established CEO-level confidence (99.9% guaranteed)

that helps you lead your team to productivity and profitability

Your Investment – $2,600

It’s really simple: You need clarity, direction, and a plan.

Oh…and some tips on how to smash the patriarchy one deadline at a time wouldn’t hurt either.

What Clients Say

Kristin Lajeunesse

KML Collective

OMG, you HAVE to work with Staci! Before working with her, I was feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. My business was growing, but I wasn’t keeping up with it. I’d start one thing, abandon another, get distracted by a shiny new program, not finish it, spiral into overwhelm- rinse and repeat.

Staci not only helped me clarify my business goals and create a plan to get there, but more importantly, she helped me feel excited about the potential and future of my business for the first time in a long time (and that it’s okay to confidently define what my business does and what it stands for).

Now, I have the feeling of “I got this” because I have a structure for tackling all the moving parts. I’ve never felt more motivated to get everything rocking and rolling! Thank you, Staci! 🤗”

Melissa Payne

StoryScout Digital

I recommend Staci whole-heartedly and unreservedly to any woman in business who needs clarity and structure to move forward. This was the single best investment I’ve ever made in my business (and I’ve made a LOT of investments). There are not many people who combine thoughtful and perceptive wisdom, kindness and strategic expertise like Staci does. She is a true gem.”

Laura Duchen

Eleva Interiors

“Before working with Staci, I was overwhelmed. I had a LOT of ideas, and even though I knew that I couldn’t do them all, I don’t think I quite understood the severity of just doing random tasks in the hopes I would move business forward.

But working with Staci has been a game-changer! She really undersells herself and the amount of time she dedicates to you and your business during this process. As a result, I now have so much more focus and control of my day – and it feels amazing!

I got a little emotional during my last call with Staci because I told her that she is not just a strategic planner but helps make dreams come true. I now feel so much more confident in building and growing my interior decorating business, and I am beyond grateful for that. If you own your own business and are feeling overwhelmed and unfocused, I highly recommend working with Staci.

Karley Parrish

Bud to Bloom Marketing

“Staci is phenomenal at what she does! Before going through the strategic planning process, I felt overwhelmed by all of the ideas and projects I wanted to tackle but didn’t have the bandwidth for as a solopreneur. I went from having a million projects bouncing around in my mind to having a clear roadmap to get me to where I want to go.

I don’t find myself questioning what I should be working on anymore, because it’s clearly outlined for me in my strategic business plan. I also enjoy the month-by-month breakdown of every project we discussed. It makes me feel excited and capable of reaching my revenue, business, and lifestyle goals. I experienced so many light bulb moments throughout this process that helped me gain a whole new confidence in myself and my business.

Staci is an exceptional human being, as well as director of operations, and she holds the space to make this complex process simple. Her expertise and guidance is invaluable as a multi-passionate business owner, and I recommend her to anyone needing clarity and structure in their business.”

Jenn Prochaska

The Write Difference

“Before working with Staci, I didn’t plan for profit — stuck my head in the sand mostly. I set goals but didn’t meet them. My whole life was a competing priority.

But, I was also hesitant to work with Staci at first because I’m in a mastermind and was afraid I was spending money on things the mastermind should’ve covered. What I learned, however, was that Staci was implementing what I learned in my mastermind. She made it all do-able.

Now I feel more calm and secure. Staci brought order to chaos, getting every last bit of my vision out of my head and into an actionable plan. Balancing reasonable expectations with pie-in-the-sky dreams, Staci was the missing piece in my entrepreneurial puzzle. I’ve always had ambition. Now, I have direction.”

Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan Education

“Before working with Staci to build a business road map, my team and I had a lot of unfinished projects because I was constantly throwing out new ideas to them.

But Staci has a great way of organizing everything because her brain works in a way that mine doesn’t. She helped me put all of my ideas into an action plan, prioritize what’s important now in order to meet my business goals, and helped me realize that I need to slow down and execute the things we already have in motion.

I’ve already recommended her to others, and can’t say enough good things about the clarity I got while working with Staci.”

Lori Hastings

Execute Your Plan

I feel free and focused on what matters most! Working with you has really taken the overwhelm away and helped me get everything out of my head! I now have a business plan developed by an expert – prioritized and organized in ClickUp with priorities and due dates – that I have been methodically checking off.

Just going through this process helped me greatly. It became crystal clear while working together that this process helps takes businesses and teams to the next level of efficiency and profitability. Without it, you’ll spend more time on things that don’t grow and scale your business.

Staci – truly it is a pleasure to work with an expert and a professional. So many times that is not the case when working with professional service providers. You are a pro, and I enjoy and respect you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm 'just' a team of one. Is a strategic business planning session too advanced for me?

First off, you’re not ‘just’ a team of one. You’re a badass, risk-taking boss lady at your current stage of business.

Secondly, if you’re serious about success and want some strategic business planning support that can take you from FOMO to fast-track, then you’ll benefit greatly from this process regardless of your current revenue.

Honesty, I wish I would have had this available to me when I first started. I would have saved a lot of time and money.

Can my team join me on our calls?

It’s great that you value their input! Although the calls are designed to give you time to think, focus, and plan, there are times when I’ll encourage you to go back and talk to your team about certain areas of your business where their insight is needed most.

How long does this process take?

Pre-planning prep and post-planning support last two (2) weeks total. Strategic planning takes anywhere from one (1) to two (2) weeks depending on your schedule and how fast (or not) you’d like to move through the process.

Can you help me manage my projects and strategic plan after we work together?

Project + people management are my jam, and there are a few ways we can work together on a retainer basis even if you’re not ready to bring a fractional DOO (director of operations) into your business just yet. Just ask!

Do I have to use ClickUp to get access to my strategic plan after we work together?

No. Post-project, I’ll provide you with a link to import your plan into ClickUp and a PDF that you can work from directly. 

How often do I need to do strategic business planning?

Most people work with me to “touch up” their strategic plan every three (3 months) while others create a new strategic plan every six (6) to 12 months.

Think of strategic business planning like a great trip to a high-end salon that leaves you (and your on-trend highlights) feeling ah-mazing. Eventually, you’ll need a touch-up. After a while, you’ll want to change up your look completely. That’s how our strategic business planning works: your need to fine-tune or overhaul your projects, priorities, and revenue goals depends on how fast your roots business grows and changes.😃

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes! I believe in financial accessibility and offer no-interest payment plans. Let me know if you’re interested in a flexible payment option during your discovery call.

I'm interested but have a few questions first.

Great! Send me an email at staci[at]stacihauschild[dot]com, and we’ll go from there.

Ready to get strategic and smash the patriarchy

one deadline at a time?