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Better Than a Template Shop

We don’t create templates. We put proven strategies and powerful workflows into templates (so you don’t have to).

Here you’ll find strategic ClickUp templates, courses, and services to utilize in your business and personal life!


Run your business more efficiently with these templates designed to improve team communications, streamline task management, and ensure your sh*t gets done.


These marketing templates will help you get your message out to the masses and in turn, create positive social change and earn more money.


Hell yeah you can streamline your personal life, too! These templates are designed to help you remember those personal details that typically slip through the cracks.


General Training

Looking for some more support so you can leverage the hell outta your ClickUp workspace? Browse these courses and offerings, created to help you ClickUp better.

ClickUp Catapult

Learn how to supercharge your ClickUp workspace immediately for your specific use case. During our 75-min call, we’ll work through your ClickUp kinks and answer those questions you didn’t even know you had. 

How to ClickUp Course

How to ClickUp

Designed by Layla at ProcessDriven, How to ClickUp is an action-oriented mini-course designed to help complete beginners manage daily productivity in ClickUp in less than one day!

ProcessDriven Membership Course

ProcessDriven Membership

Another gem from Layla and her team, ProcessDriven Membership is the most comprehensive resource for ClickUp admins to turn operational chaos into a proven, repeatable process.

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1:1 ClickUp Builds

Meagan Beltekoğlu from New Leaf Digital is a tech and systems wizard! She offers 1:1 ClickUp builds and specializes in helping female business owners simplify tech and systems so that they can free up brain space for innovation and greater impact.

clickup this weekend

ClickUp This Weekend

Exclusively for Bookkeepers, ClickUp This Weekend is a power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle for bookkeepers that will dramatically shortcut their path to setting up (or reviving) the PERFECT ClickUp workspace.