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Trusted Resources

Welcome to my trusted resources page! It’s jam-packed full of the exact service providers, tech, and tools I recommend to my own clients.

You should know that I only endorse products and services I’ve used personally or come highly recommended by trusted peers.

If you grab anything I mention using my referral link, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Free Resources

Here you’ll find free no-fluff stuff to help you do business better.

The No BS Business Compass

Navigate those bumpy business decisions without second guessing yourself with this free guide. You’ll learn how to steer your business in the right direction…even if you get a little lost along the way.

ClickUp Courses 

As of May 2022, I am no longer providing 1:1 ClickUp training as a stand-alone offer. Instead, I recommend the following resources to help you ClickUp better. Please note, however, that ClickUp is still my preferred project management tool and I use it exclusively to help my clients create strategic business plans and manage their business operations.

ClickUp This Weekend

Exclusively for Bookkeepers, ClickUp This Weekend is a power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle for bookkeepers that will dramatically shortcut their path to setting up (or reviving) the PERFECT ClickUp workspace.

How To ClickUp

Designed by Layla at ProcessDriven, How to ClickUp is an action-oriented mini-course designed to help complete beginners manage daily productivity in ClickUp in less than one day!

ProcessDriven Membership

Another gem from Layla and her team, ProcessDriven Membership is the most comprehensive resource for ClickUp admins to turn operational chaos into a proven, repeatable process.

Service Providers

Below you’ll find a list of my most trusted service providers organized by business area. These are the same service providers I recommend to my own clients, no matter how they choose to work with me.

Money + Finance | Ellen Elmore, Fractional CFO + Financial Coach

Ellen works with ambitious female entrepreneurs to understand their numbers by creating systems and a path through budgeting and projections to achieving their goals. There are no dumb questions when working with Ellen. She holds the space you need to work through your money mindset blocks and shows you with hard numbers how you can achieve your revenue goals. 

Money + Finance | Greenback Expat Tax Services

As an American who immigrated to Mexico years ago, I trust Greenback to take away the anxiety and hassle of staying compliant with my US taxes and navigating a ridiculously complex system while living abroad.

Legal Protection | Contractista

Kailey of Contractista is my go-to for attorney-drafted, contract and policy templates for online business owners. She also provides done-for-you trademark registration for logos, taglines, and other digital assets you want to protect.

Marketing | The Advance Expert Network Membership

I love The Advance. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for a networking community that’s genuine and authentic. I’m part of a mastermind pod that helps me work through challenges, attend speed networking events that help me convert leads to clients, and collaborate with industry experts to help grow my audience – and none of it feels icky, ever.

Marketing | Karley Parrish, Marketing Strategist

Karley from Bud to Bloom Marketing specializes in marketing strategy, content repurposing, and social media. She’s on a mission to create a new way of marketing, where relationships are put first. Karley will help you grow your business in a way that feels true and authentic to you.

Operations | Meagan Beltekoğlu, Tech + Systems Strategist

Meagan is my partner in crime at ClickUp for Bookkeepers and a tech wizard! She specializing in helping female business owners simplify tech and systems so that they can free up brain space for innovation and greater impact.

Diversity Equality Inclusion

Here you’ll find a few of my favorite resources to help you and your business create positive change in the world. And as a reminder: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meed

All Are Welcome Here

All Are Welcome Here believes in respect and compassion for all. They use their design talents to support social issues that are important to them. They also work with schools, businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations on customized inclusion campaigns.

Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge

Rachel Rodgers of Hello Seven believes that small business owners have resources, influence, and power to make real change. If you agree, join the community by signing the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge.

2% Good

Megan Hale, creator of 2% Good, believes that this world would be a radically different place if we all made a 2% shift! If you’re a changemaker who believes that we can do big things together, sign the pledge and make a promise to donate 2% of your revenue to fund a more equitable world.

the ethical move logo

The Ethical Move

The Ethical Move believes that how we sell matters and is on a mission to help change how small businesses market their services and products. Instead of using unethical psychological manipulation to get people to buy more, The Ethical Move encourages businesses to implement transparent, responsible, and honest marketing practices. If you want to make a move towards ethical marketing, sign the pledge below.

Tech + Tools

I don’t chase tech trends, I never know what’s “in” on AppSumo, and I don’t complicate my systems (or life) with things I don’t need. Below you’ll find what works for me and may help you, too.

Calendly | Scheduling

I like Calendly’s clean interface and find it more intuitive than other scheduling software. Plus, Calendly makes scheduling meetings of 3+ people across multiple time zones a breeze, which is super helpful for agency owners and those managing remote teams.

Canva | Graphic Design

I can’t design for sh*t, which is why I hired a marketing coordinator…and Canva makes it easy for her to create beautiful graphics, presentations, and documents. My favorite thing about the paid plan is its ability to store my brand fonts and colors, so everything my team puts out into the world is on brand – always.

ClickUp | Project Management

ClickUp is the only project management tool I use to manage my clients’ businesses. As a vetted ClickUp consultant, I’m a bit biased, but I can also build out some pretty amazing (and time-saving) workflows using forms, custom fields, and automations that my teams love, so there’s that!

Creative Market | Graphic Design

I love me some Creative Market! It’s like Etsy for creatives, artists, and graphic designers. One of my brand fonts is from Creative Market, and it’s my go-to for on-brand photo bundles, social media graphic patterns, and so much more.

FG Funnels | Marketing

FGFunnels is good stuff. It’s an all-in-one software that combines the five (5) essential pieces of software that online businesses need: customer relationship manager (CRM), calendar scheduler, website + funnel builder, member portal, and messaging. And because all of those tools are integrated into one software, they all talk to each other. 

Google Workspace | Productivity

I can’t help myself and have to say this: stop sending Word docs to your team via email and Slack. It’s 2023. If you’re guilty of this, you probably definitely need an operations consulting day, so we can talk about up-leveling your systems.

Grammarly | Writing

Even though I was an English teacher in a past life, I’m a horrible speller. So, I rely heavily on Grammarly to review everything I write. I also treat the Chrome extension as my “red pen” and allow it to correct my typos so I can get in the zone, focus on my messaging, and not worry about your vs. you’re.

Day Designer | Planning + Productivity

My Day Designer lives on my desk (and sometimes under my cat), and I use it to remember scheduled calls, take quick notes, journal about my week, and check off to-dos that aren’t worth putting in ClickUp. I also like that the calendar layout is Monday-Sunday and there’s a whole page per day for planning.

interact quiz logo

Interact | Quiz Creation + Lead Generation

Interact helps you harness the power of quizzes to grow your email list with high-quality leads, and I’ve been impressed with how they do business from the get-go! Your subscription includes a robust quiz template library, an easy-to-follow quiz course, a superb customer service team, and a highly-engaged community of quiz creators to interact with while you create your lead magnet.

HelloSign | Invoicing

HelloSign is my go-to for legally-binding contract delivery + signing. Paid plans are less than DocuSign, and the free-forever plan that allows you to send up to three (3) documents per month, which is great for those who have a high-ticket, low-volume business model.

LastPass | Password + Data Storage

LastPass is my choice for safe password storing and sharing, but I also use it to auto-generate billing and shipping info for online purchases and store uber important documents like insurance info that I don’t want hangin’ around in Google Drive.

Loom | Video Messaging

I couldn’t work without Loom. While I don’t recommend it for SOP creation, Loom is great for visual progress updates, instructional walkthroughs, and brainstorming with your team. I also prefer Loom to ClickUp’s native ‘Clip’ feature because Loom stores your videos in an online library (Clip doesn’t).

MailerLite | Email Marketing

When it comes to simple software for list building and nurturing, MailerLite gets my vote over Mailchimp every time. MailerLite’s free plan is robust, and it’s my go-to recommendation for entrepreneurs in the starting and growing phases of their businesses.

Tango | SOP Creation

Tango is an SOP game-changer! With a simple ‘click’, Tango captures my processes in real-time, converts them to clear screenshots and detailed instructions, and easily allows me to edit or update a process when something changes. Love it, can’t say enough good things about it, and it’s free!

Voxer | Messaging

My favorite thing about Voxer is that it’s not FB messenger! I can chat with my biz besties on Voxer just like I can on FB without getting sucked into their newest vacay photos and the cat pics posted by the friends my friends went on vacation with…

Zoom | Video Conferencing

Zoom – I don’t know how you do business (without pants) without it.

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