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Communications Hub ClickUp Template


Are you ready to boost efficiency and collaboration within your team? This Communications Hub ClickUp template was created to help you streamline all communications within your team, from silly chat messages down to nitty-gritty ideas. No more emailing back and forth trying to coordinate a project or figure out when people are out of office—all of those details will not be saved in one place.
Improving team communication is important from a systems standpoint, but also from a team culture point-of-view. Invite more fun and personality into your team (gifs, anyone?) by providing team members with a place to send quick messages to each other. Those ideas that are mentioned once and often forgotten? Well, not anymore—now they'll live in a list that you can reference and implement each quarter. Do you struggle to remember important dates like birthdays, work anniversaries, and out-of-office times? Now, you'll find all of those dates in one place on your shared team calendar.
🪩 Some funky features:
  • Organize your chat rooms with a public team chat room, team-specific group rooms, and private chat rooms between team members
  • House ideas team members suggest and track status from new idea to closed
  • Track important dates such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and out-of-office time
  • Store team roster information such as team member names, emails, pronouns, location, and department
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