The No bullsh*t

Operations Consulting Day

“I would not have been remotely ready to move forward with my business without our conversations, so I’m beyond grateful to you.”

Caitie McCabe | Caitie McCabe Photography

Hey there, visionary! I see you, and guess what?…

Business coaches are great, but when it comes to your operational challenges, you don’t want to work with another visionary who’s big on ideas and big picture thinking because “vision without execution is just hallucination” (old proverb that’s still very relevant today).

woman smiling on her phone with laptop and coffee
What you need is 1:1 time with an operations expert who will give you…
a zero-fluff proven approach to leveraging the hell outta your (insert operational challenges here) so you can achieve your business goals faster and make big, patriarchy-smashing changes in your community.

That’s why I’ve created a virtual operations consulting day experience that helps you remove operational roadblocks from your business without…


having to commit to a pricey, long-term coaching retainer that you don’t have time for or actually need right now.


enrolling in a group coaching program (that’s not focused on y-o-u).


crowd-sourcing solutions in Facebook groups that result in more pings and problems than actual solutions (because “No Becky, I don’t want to jump on a call with you to chat”).


getting on ZOOM – at all.

Let’s take your ideas and cut right to the chase because you ain’t got time for bullsh*t business advice that lacks heart and misses the mark. You have lives to change, glass ceilings to shatter, and if we’re being honest…a pile of laundry to fold, too.

Here’s How The Operations Consulting Day Works…


Before we jump on our call, it’s time to take stock by looking at what you’re doing now. What’s working and what’s not? What are your biggest operational challenges, right here, right now? What’s holding you back? Let’s get your baseline so we know where you need the most work and what to focus on during our time together.


During your operations consulting day, we’ll get straight to the point. You don’t have time to waste, and I’m not very good at small talk. Think of me as your biz bestie, messaging (voice + text) you throughout the day with no BS business advice, actionable ideas, and loving pep talks. Unlike Zoom, you’ll actually have time to process information in between messages (halle-freakin-lujah). And as a bonus, I’ll also provide you with high-level feedback on a written document you’re working on so you can get out of your own way and get on with it.


Walk away with a written action plan that summarizes key points, highlights aha-moments, and outlines the most important steps you need to take now to move your business forward(P.S. I’ll check in on you two weeks after our call to see what progress you’ve made. #accountability)

I’m all in when it comes to providing smart solutions to your business challenges. And during your operations consulting day, we can accomplish a lot.

Upcoming launch? 🚀
Let’s map out your plan so that your team (and you!) knows what they’re doing and when they’re doing it before the project actually begins!
Sizzling service suite? 🔥
If you have an idea for a new offer but aren’t sure how it fits into your current mix, let’s look at your existing service suite, what’s missing, and how this new offer supports a better bottom line (or not).
The pauper of processes? ⚙️
If you have 99 problems and your backend operations are all of them, we can figure out what to tackle first without this part of your business sucking the life out of you or taking you away from the creative aspects you love. (Girl)scouts honor.
Ready (or not) to hire? 👥
Sometimes the next best hire isn’t a VA (gasp!). Let’s look at your time for money ROI to determine what you should be doing vs delegating.
Want to wow your clients? 🥳
Gifts aren’t the only way to go, and together we can create a memorable onboarding (or offboarding process) that turns clients into raving fans.
CEO, table for one? 🍷
If you want a judgment-free, objective opinion about anything or #allthethings before you make a big change in business, then scoot over (and pour me a glass). Let me be the strategic sounding board that cheers you on or helps you change direction completely – or both.

Here’s What You Get


A pre-call questionnaire to help you (and me!) get laser-focused on what feels ‘off’ so we can hit the ground running

Voxer or WhatsApp access to me from 9am-3pm CST to troubleshoot your behind-the-scenes business needs in real time


High-level feedback on a document you’re working on (e.g. sales page, job description, project outline, SOP, email sequence, org chart)


A written action plan outlining your next best steps for world domination to solve your  operational challenges

Accountability check-in 2 weeks after our call (because I refuse to let this investment be one that you don’t take action on)

Your Investment – $550

Need a strategic business partner in your back pocket

without the hefty retainer costs?

My “No Bullsh*t Operations Consulting Day”

is exactly what you need.

What Clients Say

“I love Staci’s coaching and her ability to ask high-mileage questions that helped me clear obstacles that were holding me back even though I didn’t realize it. I FINALLY got clear on my target market, and I understand how trying to be a health coach to everyone was hurting my efforts.

After working with Staci, I have a lot more confidence to get visible online, I feel super proud of my services, and I can’t wait to launch my re-branded business. I have no doubt that everything I’ve learned will lead me to helping more clients.”

Gabby Cesaro

Gabby Cesaro Health Coach

“You have incredible energy! Your tell-it-like-it-is guidance is brutally honest, yet loving and encouraging. I loved our calls together – I could throw business ideas at you, and you were just as excited about them as I was! I would not have been remotely ready to move forward with my business without our conversations, so I’m beyond grateful to you.”

Caitie McCabe

Caitie McCabe Photography

“Staci fully understands my particular situation, and knows how to identify and execute solutions that will best fit the needs of my business. Whenever an especially complex project comes up, she is the first person I call.”


Event Producer

Staci gave me shortcuts so that I don’t waste time and money. I walked away with three very clear action steps. I’m very confident that applying what she has told me will make my online course a larger success.”
Melania Gamboa-Cortes

Canela Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we on Voxer/WhatsApp for six hours straight?!

No. We’ll message back-n-forth during the day just like you would with your bestie.

You’ll ask questions and share challenges. In return, I’ll share feedback, tips, advice, and tough love via voice message, written text, and the obligatory emoji 🤪. You’ll have time to process, implement, and reflect before responding unlike you would on a live Zoom call.

What is Voxer/Whatsapp? Is it hard to use? Is it free?

Voxer is a Walkie-Talkie messaging app that’s free and easy to use. You can access it on your phone or computer. Whatsapp is a free, instant-messaging app that is even easier to use than Voxer (at least for me). If you’re unfamiliar with either, don’t worry, I’ll send you easy-peasy setup instructions before your coaching day. 

What can we talk about during my operations consulting day?

Oh, goodness! What can’t we talk about? Check out some of the challenges above that I’ve helped clients work through. 

I'm pre-revenue (or just starting out). Is this for me?

Are you motivated? A high-achiever? Looking for strategic support and someone real to talk to? Turned off by long-term coaching retainers? Want to avoid the mistakes I’ve made? Then, yes…a VIP coaching day is perfect for you. 🥳

Do you have a different time slot available?

Hey, Australia! I see you. I used to live in SE Asia, so I understand how difficult time zones can be. I’m happy to adjust my availability to suit your schedule – just ask.

Ready for candid business advice and an actionable operations strategy that you can implement today?