Online Business Management

Managing your business operations

(so you can CEO like you mean it)

Online Business Management

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be partnering with a self-professed organizational wizard who’s a deadline-obsessed problem-solver
to manage your systems, strategy, processes, and people. Not only do I care about your business as much as you do,
but I’m
all in when it comes to providing smart solutions to your challenges.

Think of me as the buffer between you and overwork, overwhelm, and over it

As your online business manager, I’m here for you and your team, handling anything you can throw my way because becoming your trusted right hand is number one on my list. Finally, you can have peace of mind and let go, knowing someone you depend on, is quite literally, taking care of business.

No more unfinished projects or abandoned revenue-generating ideas and no more doing things alone. I’m here for you, your team, and your business.

This is about you handing over operational logistics to a pro so you can step into your rightful role as an innovative visionary and impactful leader.

How I Turn Your Business Into A Well-Oiled Machine



Before we jump into the work, it’s time to take stock by looking at how you’re running your business now. What’s working and what’s not? How much time are you spending working in your business vs on your business. What are your biggest challenges, right here, right now? What’s holding you back from delegating more and stressing less? Let’s get your baseline so we know where you need the most work first. 


Taking digital inventory is rigorous, vigorous, and not at all ambiguous. We’ll look at what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how well it’s all working together (or not). Taking stock of your systems, processes, team members, and tools will pave the way for maximum efficiency and smooth operations. We’ll also look at your monthly operating costs and where we can save you money. Cha-ching!


Now that I’m intimately acquainted with the inner workings of your business operations, it’s time to remove the systems, platforms, and tools that aren’t working, optimize the ones that are, and implement anything that’s missing from your organizational arsenal. Consider this your path to operational stealth and peace of mind.



Get ready. It’s time to dig into the how and why of what really works for your unique business. I’ll streamline your standard operating procedures, set up workflows and automations, and create the consistency needed for seamless day-to-day operations that run like clockwork.


With processes in place, I’ll build the engine that drives your operations, turns frazzle into dazzle, and teaches the pit crew to mind the machine. That engine? It’s ClickUp, and it will act as mission control for your online empire. I’ll design and implement the templates, spaces, folders, lists, dashboards, and third-party tools needed to create a powerhouse of productivity.


Now it’s time to onboard (or offboard) your dream team. From writing job descriptions and vetting applicants to sourcing contractors and core team members, I do the time-consuming groundwork and present you with top-quality candidates for final consideration. 


You’ve got a top-tier team and they’re ready to put your vision into motion – let’s make it easy. I assign tasks to team members, answer their questions, and keep them on track with deadlines. I serve as the go-to person for questions and the intermediary between the CEO (that’s you) and the team. With less time needed for delegating tasks and managing your team, you can focus your efforts on income generating projects and client success (or take a nap).


Once I’ve streamlined, integrated, set up, and revamped your systems, strategy, people, and processes, the well-oiled machine hits the ground running and this is where it really gets good…



Those not-really-a-vacation vacations


Being constantly tethered to your phone


Doing business when you should be enjoying entrepreneurial freedom


Feeling haunted by incessant pinging from email, Voxer, Slack, Basecamp, or whatever system du jour is holding your sanity together 

When you hand your business operations over to me, you’ll have more time for much-needed breaks (hello actual weekends) and to focus on your area of expertise without falling behind or losing revenue. 

YOUR INVESTMENT – from $2,500 monthly

What Clients Say

Staci fully understands my particular situation, and knows how to identify and execute solutions that will best fit the needs of my business. Staci is smart and resourceful, and adept at recognizing what needs to be done, completing all work beautifully and on time, without needing hand-holding. However, she knows when to ask questions, get clarification or direction when needed, without slowing a project down. Honesty, integrity and intelligence guide every aspect of who she is and what she does. Whenever an especially complex project comes up, she is the first person I call.”

Kate Doyle Hooper

Event Producer

Staci’s strength is time management! She is great at developing and documenting project timelines and deliverables. This really helped keep me on task and drive projects forward.

By working with Staci, I was able to develop a clear sales path to turn leads into customers. She helped me develop a well-written sales funnel including opt-in, email sequence, and a five-day challenge program that drove people from my email list to my paid program!

Because of Staci, I have gained clarity about my program offerings. She has an amazing ability to look at the program you want to build and form a clear action plan to help you write and achieve your goals. Working with Staci has helped my voice be heard and built my confidence in my products.”

Jen Zils

Kids Eat Vegetables

“You have incredible energy! Your tell-it-like-it-is guidance is brutally honest, yet loving and encouraging. I loved our calls together – I could throw business ideas at you, and you were just as excited about them as I was! I would not have been remotely ready to move forward with my business without our conversations, so I’m beyond grateful to you.”

Caitie McCabe

Caitie McCabe Photography

Ready to CEO like you mean it?