The Chief Operating Officer for your  digital empire


What can I say, I love a big, juicy backend, full of software, systems, and automation. I love the smell of fresh-baked structure and standards that govern how things are done. And, really, who can resist a steaming dollop of stability and predictability? I’m seriously drooling.

I’m Staci, ClickUp Consultant and
Online Business Manager,

for bogged down and busy-as-hell CEOs who need some organizational whoop-ass. I’m not afraid to get dirt under my manicured nails as we descend into the trenches of your business’ backend.

I’m Talking:

Training you and your team how to ClickUp better so you can go from organizational ugh to operational ah

Managing revenue-generating projects, marketing strategy, and daily business operations using ClickUp as our centralized project management system

Implementing systems and maintaining standard operating procedures to ensure efficiency, quality output, and performance uniformity among team members 

Tracking marketing metrics and business statistics, alerting you to problems and recommending goal-oriented solutions

Recruiting, training, and managing team members

Promoting and managing affiliate partnerships, supporting cost-effective brand exposure and increased sales


Streamlining communications, clearing up confusion about how things are done, and promoting the company culture that you want to see

And most importantly

Making space for you, the CEO, to focus time and efforts
on company growth and client success

Want to find out how I can help?

If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck, buried under a barrage of business operations that never seem to end,
I’ll help you crush the chaos so you can get back to doing the work that matters most.