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(Because it’s time to create space in your business so you can CEO like you mean it.)

Hey, there. I’m Staci…

I provide strategic planning and online business management for feminist entrepreneurs who want to smash the patriarchy, create positive social change, and earn more money.

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

So cliche, right? But seriously, if you’ve lost your proverbial “zone of genius” under stacks of business logistics, team management issues, and systematic nightmares, you might be the proud owner of a business that’s running you. Ouch.

If you’re way too busy handling tedious day-to-day logistics, it’s not your fault. You’ve gotten sucked into patriarchal hustle-n-grind culture.


How can you move your vision forward, grow your profit margin, and create powerful (patriarchy-smashing) change in your community if you’re micromanaging projects and operations? When the hours in your day are consumed by making sure the right things get done at the right time by the right people in the right way, there’s no room for growth…


What about all of those revenue-generating ideas you have (the ones that you’ll donate a % of sales to causes you care about)? That upcoming retreat you’ve been dying to attend (or host) or the release of your new book? And that product launch you’ve been sitting on for way too long?


Running and growing a feminist business is not a one-human endeavor; there’s just too much to juggle for one brain and two hands. The necessary and unavoidable backend work that stands between you and the work of a CEO has to be done, but should YOU be the one doing it?

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Here’s the deal…I believe you can do it all (just not all at one time).

And if you want to achieve your goals faster it’s time to…

partner with another badass feminist entrepreneur who gets you:

one who aligns with your values, understands your mission,

and brings a complementary skill set to your business.

Strategic Business Planning

ClickUp Catapult

What Clients Say

Robyn Srigley

The Hormone Diva

“Staci is amazing, and the quality of her work is incredibly impressive! If you are feeling swamped and overwhelmed, and like you don’t have enough hours in the day, I highly recommend hiring Staci. You will be able to focus on what you love instead of worrying about little things that take you away from the big money-making tasks.”

Meagan Beltekoglu

New Leaf Digital + ClickUp for Bookkeepers

Staci is a phenomenal leader who serves from her heart. She is skilled at managing teams and making sure all the things get done, especially when there are so many things going on at once. She takes the time and energy to check in on her team members – a small thing that makes a big impact – and is always ready and willing to jump in and lend a hand when needed. It’s been a pleasure and a gift to work alongside her for two years.”

Jen Swedhin

Team Get Shit Done

“Staci has brought such a wealth of valuable insight and structure to our small neurodivergent team. She has not only completely streamlined our processes and documentation, she has also improved our ability to communicate effectively, meet deadlines, and improve our client experience. Staci has been an absolute joy to work with – her personality is the perfect mix of funny, badass and unique, just like the rest of us!”

Ready to step into your

feminist entrepreneur power

and CEO like you mean it?

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